Cindy’s Adventures. 9.6k Erotic. Adult

Cindy suffers through childhood. Kidnapping and long lesbian sex session. She ponders on why everything fun is also illegal.

A story for fourth grade English class: (Ignore spelling.)
My sumer vacation, by Cindy Edwards.
last June, Uncle John comes to stay with us a-while. He’s a nice…

A Soldier in Time. Adult. Sci. Fi. 3,400 Time travel as used in wartime.

In the near future, Corporal Vince Jackson is injured while on a critical mission.

“All right … you assholes fall out and get plenty of sleep tonight. You go to war tomorrow. Bright and early.” …

Little Cori 4,600. From molested to killer. Adult.

Seeing her mother raped and killed, and herself molested, turns gentle Cori into a killing machine as she searches for Uncle Jim.

She could see her mother on the porch, calling and looking around for her. Four-year-old Cori sat on squishy ground…

Jolting a Killer. Adult. Sci Fi, Detective. Time travel can be complex.

In a future world, police track down criminals, despite new factors including teleportation and time augmenting drugs. Are you ready for a heavy mystery tale?

“Lieutenant Craft.” Andrews, desk sergeant of the 1754th Precinct, stops me as I…

Trouble At Double Cross. Adult. Mystery.

Double Cross is a small desert company town. Chief of Police Edwin Johnson also works full time at the Elite Mines. When a boy is missing, the case is too complex for Ed and he calls in the state police.

It began late one…

Little People. 14k Aliens come to Earth 75,000 years ago, bringing a monster with them.

A spaceship carrying a dreaded humanoid monster crashes near New Zealand. Even confined, the immortal creature threatens mankind.

All lizard names start with an “L”. Humanoid males with “M” and females with “F”. …

Grandma Ethel. 13,300 Adult. How Grandma got her money.

The action alternates from American Civil War to modern times. It includes theft, S&M, slavery, and murders. An admitted con-woman, Grandma accumulates a fortune.

To kids like Katy and Jimmy the house looked like something out of the dark ages, sitting…

Poor Dead Michael Violence. 3,200

I already miss that beautiful, loverly, loooverly, boy.
I’ll love him forreevveer!

Michael is, was, a lovely boy. A pure Adonis come down to Earth as a true human. I look out my bedroom window at the house next door. …

Alice Adams in Wonderland. Two shorts. Adult. 3,600

Alice Adams was a bright five-year-old. Her favorite time was when she came home from school. Both her mama and papa would be at work and she’d have the whole house to herself with only an aunt to watch over her. …

Trouble at Johnson’s House. 16k Homeland Security gone wild.

Homeland Security is out of control. A despotic president uses the agency to control the US. Can he be stopped?


Like an alarm clock, my bad leg wakes me at precisely nine am. I’m hungover, sunlight from a…


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